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"How to have safe fun with Sex Texting between consenting Adults"

How To : Sex Texting

The bloom has fallen of the rose. The diamonds have turned to diapers, and the long nights of passionate love making are long gone, replaced by a peck on the cheek and muttering something along the lines of "It's your turn to get up with the baby tonight, goodnight Or, if your lucky, maybe a "Love you" might be thrown in the mix.

sex textingEver wonder what happened to that incredibly romantic couple, the one that used to stay up all night making passionate love until the sun came up? Remember when you were first married, and you used to stall as long as you could before you got up to begin your day...just to be in bed with your beloved a little while longer? Remember how it felt to lay there in the after-glow? Not wanting to leave each other, or the bed for more than a few minutes, let alone for the grind of an eight hour work day! What happened to them, and how on earth do you bring them back?

It's not uncommon for the excitement to fizzle in a marriage after years of being together. You've been together for so long, you may feel that you've seen every move, heard every line, felt every touch... and it's gotten old! If this is where your relationship has ended up... WAKE UP NOW! Stagnate waters lead to a nasty demise of what was once healthy and full of beauty. It's a dangerous position to allow your marriage to stay in, and could lead to divorce if you don't do something to get those sexual waters flowing again.

In this age of technology, it's no surprise that there's a new twist on the age old art of the "love letter". While it's become a bit more condensed, it's also become more sultry and sometimes, a lot more naughty! Sex Texting has gotten a bit of a bad rep in the media, but when you're in a committed and loving relationship, when you're two consenting adults, when you're looking for a fresh outlook on your sexual relationship, 'SEXTING' as it's called can heat up your nighttime activities and spice up your love life faster than you can hit the "send" button! You just need to use common sense and follow a few simple guidelines to ensure a safe, mutually comfortable and private communique'.


Sex texting is the new twist on the age old racy love note. Remember the days when a lover tucked a naughty note into a jacket pocket as their spouse left for work? Maybe they snuck in a racy Polaroid pic with lunch along with the promise of a "special surprise" waiting for them back at home? It left the receiver thinking about their spouse all day long, and they couldn't wait to get back to their lovers arms and jump into the sack for a healthy dose of lovin. Set Texting allows all that and more when done right.

Want to give it a try but your not sure where to begin, or nervous about how it might be received? That's understandable. Trying something new is often a nerve wracking experience. Doing nothing for a troubled sexual relationship should be far more frightening though. So ease into it gently. Test the waters out so to speak. If you're a guy, maybe you can start with a simple "I've been thinking about you all day, I can't stop thinking about how beautiful you are, I just want to kiss you all over...� That's sure to get your lovers juices going, and it's going to give her a much needed boost in self-esteem as well! Ladies might reply with " I'm dying to feel your hands all over..." and as you go, you can start filling in the blanks with more explicit wording.

Texting Sex

You can gradually increase the level of intimacy from there. You don't want to go from your usual texts of " What's for dinner?" to full-blown porn texts in the blink of an eye. Your spouse is likely to think that you stumbled into happy hour and subsequently lost sight of the bars exit during your lunch break. Not only that, but it could leave them feeling uncomfortable and rather than getting the fires burning for you, It might leave them asking questions and having self doubts. Move slowly with the sex texts and then get creative and have fun flirting